Choose the Best PET Bottle Manufacturers in Wisconsin for High-Performance Parts

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With many years of experience in creating dry goods packaging, PET round juice and water bottles, and plastic bottle closures in Wisconsin, we offer one of the largest inventories of high-quality PET & LDPE sauce bottles. Our main products, such as PET small round plastic bottles, clear plastic sauce bottles, and mini honey bear bottles, are applied to several industries. What's more, if you are looking for same-day shipping, requesting samples, or PET bottles for sales, you have stepped on the ultimate online resource.

We have the right bottle solution for you, whether you want to stand out on the supermarket shelves, lightweight your spending on the packaging, or improve the consumer experience. Our range of products are extensively used in numerous industries, whether you are looking for dry goods packaging, plastic bottles closure or PET bottle manufacturers in Wisconsin.

We work together with you to pursue new custom projects in key markets that offer a competitive edge to your brand!

Our selection of PET plastic bottles is available in your choice of styles; honey bear, square PET, small round, oval, juice, honey, sauce, spices, and more. Our bottles possess characteristics such as durability, good clarity, a good moisture barrier, and tend to be impact resistant. Simply choose from the variety of colors and sizes that suits your brand image and feel free to choose a matching closure to amplify the possible uses for these plastic bottles.


Why Choose the Best PET Bottle Manufacturers in Wisconsin?

If you buy at Sailor Plastics you can be rest assured that the packaging will stand out on the shelves putting traditional bottle designs on the back seat. Here are some notable benefits you get when you partner with us:

  1. We provide scalable solutions: As your brand grows and evolves, we are always ready to manage the complexities and provide you with a solution that scales with you.

  2. Packaging tailored to your needs: No one size fits all and our services aim to meet all the demands of your business in Wisconsin depending on your needs.

  3. High-quality solutions: Our bottles are designed for high-quality helping to preserve a variety of products from food, beverages, spices, to liquors.

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