Proper Honey Labeling

We know that it can be hard to understand exactly what information needs to be included on your honey label. Do you include the flower source? The type of bees? Maybe the hive style? There is so much information you could include on your label, how are you supposed to know what information is required and what is extraneous? Well, we have found a great source for you. The FDA has an easy to use guide for what information you have to include on your label, and what is optional.

Honey Label Example

FDA Guidelines

The most important thing to know from the FDA guidelines is that you want to include information that will not be misleading to your customer. This means that your information can be easily verified. For example, if you are using clover flowers as your main source of nectar for your h

ives, and you have a large field of clover near your hives, you are able to label you honey as Clover Honey, since your food source is easily verified.

It is also important to note that only pure honey can be labeled as such. This means that if you include anything in your honey besides just honey, it must be included. These extras can include extra sugar, corn syrup, or flavorings. For example, honey with a little corn syrup would be labeled “Honey with Corn Syrup” and honey with raspberry flavor would be called “Raspberry Flavored Honey.” If you make sure that all of your information is true to your product, you are most likely following the FDA’s labeling guidelines.

Obviously, some of the guidelines are more detailed than our short summary. If you would like to review the guidelines in full, please visit the FDA’s website to view the full guidelines for labeling honey products.

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