Derek Mitchell, a PhD student at University of Leeds, authored a very interesting study into the design of honey bee hives. He takes a look at the conditions honey bees thrive in their natural habitat and is trying to apply that knowledge to the design of hives.

Mitchell goes into detail about why the current hives were designed the way they are now and states some very great ideas for a new style of hive. From humidity to insects, Mr. Mitchell covers it all. I sure enjoyed the article & I hope you do too! Read the Article and be sure to check out our Oval Honey Jar Collection or our Classic Honey Bear line. Both our Oval Jars and Honey Bears are made of very high quality PET plastic. We have an great selection of closures, caps, and tops that will fit your selected bottle perfectly. These two collections are among our best selling bottles and they will not disappoint!   What do you think about this article? Do you have something to share with us? Comment below!