An attractive, unique-looking bottle for cold brew coffee can really make your product stand out amongst the rest of the coffee makers in the industry. We, at Sailor Plastics are here to help you achieve that, and so much more.

We have partnered with many industries to deliver them quality products for their food and beverage business. So far, we have been working with juice companies, honey producers, BBQ sauce producers and cold brew coffee producers as well.

What’s common among all of these companies is that they require top notch plastic bottles for manufacturing, storing and distributing and here’s where we come in.

Why Choose Sailor Plastics?

Diverse Variety and Sizes of Bottles To Choose From:

Sailor Plastics has been around for many years, making plastic bottles and food containers for the market. Our bottles come in various sizes and a wide variety of different designs, so there’s something for everyone to choose from.

Top Quality Products:High Quality Bottles, Low Prices

We understand the diverse demands of the food industry and that is why we’ve come a long way in making ourselves better in crafting bottles and food containers, that we know, meet the industry requirements and standards and will definitely give our customers, an eye-catching moment.
The team here at Sailor Plastics is determined to produce high quality cold brew coffee bottles, with every bottle coming out to be an exact replica of the previous one.

Quality Control Measures:

Our guidelines and quality control measures are strict and they ensure that the customers get exactly what they asked for, in a given amount of time, if not before.

A top quality dedicated plastic mold is used in making all the bottles for cold brew coffee, specifically, so that our customers have the satisfaction of safe packaging.

Our quality standards team also makes sure that the bottles are perfect to hold the right amount of cold brew coffee and to provide the most reliable and health approved storage conditions for the coffee as our aim is to provide the safest plastic bottles to our customers.

Error Free Production And Distribution:

After the production process, every individual piece is checked and inspected thoroughly by our workers to ensure that there is no design, material or quality related error.

Stand out with custom labels on select bottlesEnvironment Friendly bottles:

Our company also aims to adopt and work on environmentally friendly processes to make the bottles, so that we have cleaner production processes and we make our relevant contributions in making our planet safer, and better.

For all our home users, we have different types of cold brew coffee bottles for sale that can be easily bought, so you can store your homemade coffee in perfect conditions, due to our high quality containers. Since we deal in all kinds of shapes and sizes, there’s no need to worry about anything. All you’ll have to do is go through our website, browse through our collection and choose the product you like.        

Reasonable Prices:

For all the commercial manufacturers and business owners, we also sell our cold brew coffee bottles in bulk quantities at a price which is surely the best and quite reasonable compared to our competitors.

Sailor Plastics also entertain custom label orders where our beloved customers can design and order labels measured perfectly for our bottles. Already have artwork? No problem, upload your artwork! Labels will put that finishing touch for your cold brew coffee brand.

Summing It Up

So don’t wait and start off your cold brew coffee business with our premium quality, custom, plastic bottles and let Sailor Plastics help you in making a lasting impact in the industry with our signature designs and your refreshing coffee. We will ship a single case or an entire truckload. Over 16 cases? Contact us!