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Tax Exemption Instructions and Form

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Sailor Plastics strives to ensure our customers are fully taken care of. One question we recieve often is, "How do I get my order exempt from sales tax?" We have provided the certificate of resale form below as well as some brief instructions on how to sumbit your form for processing. For your security, please fax or mail the form do not email the form.

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Minnesota Customers: 


If the products you are purchasing from Sailor Plastics are sales tax exempt, please fill out the Certificate of Resale Form to avoid being taxed. We are required by law to charge sales tax on all orders until we have the form signed and returned to us. If you would like to be charged tax, please state this on the form and return to us.

Please ensure to include Sate Tax Number and/or Social Security Number. For your security, please do not e-mail the completed form.


Non-Minnesota Customers:

Please fill out the Certificate of Resale Form to avoid being taxed for the products you buy from us in the future. State sales tax will be charged where legally required. We understand the sales tax laws currently are changing due to a recent supreme court decision. If you have tax exempt status in your state we recommend to have a formed filled out and submitted even if you arent currently being charged sales tax. This will ensure that we will never charge sales tax on your tax exempt orders. Please ensure to include State Tax Number, and/or Social Security Number.

Please submit by mail or fax to one of the destinations below. For your security, please do not e-mail the completed form.


Certificate of Resale Form Download


Send By Mail:
Sailor Plastics
08 Maine Avenue
PO Box 309
Adrian, MN 56110


 - Or - 


Send By Fax: 507-483-2777


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