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We are the premier plastic bottle suppliers in Illinois offering high-quality PET plastic bottles in wholesale, clear plastic sauce bottles, honey bear bottles, square PET bottles, and round plastic PET bottles. For easy dispensing our products are meticulously manufactured in unique styles and appearances by dedicated professionals using the finest quality raw material and components. What's more, our range of plastic bottles is extensively used in numerous industries for a variety of purposes, which means, you will find PET bottles for juice, honey, sauce, liquor & spirits, and dry food packaging.

With many years of experience in shipping and creating plastic bottles in wholesale, we have come a long way and created an indelible identity as manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of PET plastic bottles. Catering to different needs and industries, we have mastered the art of offering a flawless product range and providing quality client service.

By offering brand-specific packaging that is safe, robust, and distinctive, we help brands with packaging solutions that ultimately enhance the company's competitive edge.


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Whether you want clear plastic sauce bottles, honey bear bottles, square PET bottles, or round plastic PET bottles, we offer innovative solutions making them suitable for packaging and preserving a variety of products from food, and beverages to salad dressings and liquors. If you are looking for plastic bottles here are a few reasons why we are the best:

  1. Supports scalability: Whether you are a startup or a struggling distributor of plastic bottles, we offer flexibility that supports your growth. No matter the complexity as you grow and evolve, we are always there.

  2. Packaging for unique needs: Every product has unique packaging needs, like honey bear bottles work best with a wide mouth and sauce bottles work best with a narrow mouth. We offer packaging that performs well with your product.

  3. Quality at the top priority! We are dedicated to making sure every brand receives the quality packaging their product requires.

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