PET Plastic Juice & Beverages Bottles

Juice Bottles

Since the fresh-made juice industry saw a boom, Sailor Plastic Bottles has been providing juice manufactures with plastic juice bottles for every need. We provide PET juice bottles that are manufactured safely and made in the USA. Our clear juice bottles range in size, for every type of juice. We have bottles for energy shots, single servings, as well as large take-home jugs. We also provide square and round tamper-evident bottles, so your customers can happily enjoy your fresh juice. Our PET juice bottles are clear and will display the unique colors of your juices perfectly.

Whether you need energy-shot style bottles or multi-serving bottles, juice manufacturers are sure to find a plastic juice bottle with Sailor Plastics. Along with a variety of sizes, we also carry multiple types of caps in both black and white. We ensure that you will find a plastic juice bottle that will keep your juice looking vibrant, fresh, and looks nice on a shelf. All you will have to worry about is providing your customers with a bright, refreshing beverage. We at Sailor Plastic Bottles, pride ourselves on our large variety of plastic juice bottles. From a selection of sizes, shapes, and tamper-evident caps, we are confident that any juice manufacturer will find their perfect bottle. Our clear juice bottles are perfect for displaying the color of your juice and locking in its freshness.

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