Refresh Your Beverage, Honey, and Liquor Packaging with The Best PET Bottle Manufacturers & Wholesalers in Minnesota

Sailor plastic offers the highest quality of plastic bottles and containers for a wide range of industries!

Whether you are looking for less weight, unique packaging, or a better customer experience, we are the premier PET bottle and bottle closures manufacturer serving in Minnesota. We are proud to offer a huge inventory of plastic bottles in many styles and unique appearances for your water, juice, honey, salad dressing, liquor, and more! If you are looking for plastic bottles made out of specific material like PET or LDPE, for specific applications like plastic juice bottles, liquor bottles for sale, or PET honey bear bottles in Minnesota, you have found the ultimate online resources for all your needs.

We also offer industry-specific wholesale plastic bottles with product-specific lids to suit specialized usage. No matter how you manufacture your products, we provide sturdy packaging with caps and closures that are easy to fill, pack, and ready to be displayed on market shelves. With many years of experience, we have come a long way and created an indelible identity as manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers of PET plastic bottles.

We have mastered the art of offering a flawless product range and providing quality client service by catering to different needs and industries.


Every bottle is produced with the highest level of quality!

These lightweight and durable bottles are inexpensive to ship, easy for your customers to carry, and you won't have to worry about breakage or loss. And of course, they are 100% recyclable as well. 

At Sailor Plastics, quality is a top priority and our team is dedicated to making sure every customer receives the quality packaging their product requires and deserves. Our dedicated professionals have numerous checks and balances in place to ensure every bottle is produced with the highest level of quality. 

Why Choose PET Bottle Manufacturers in Minnesota?

  1. Safety at #1: Our food-safe bottles can be fitted with a matching cap or a tamper-evident closure, which gives your customer the instant assurance they need.

  2. Fast and reliable shipping: Buying honey bottles in Minnesota has never been easier. All you need to do is add the desired quantity to your cart and everything else will be taken care of by us.

  3. Packaging tailored to your needs: Whether you need plastic bottle manufacturer, honey bear bottles, plastic juice bottles, or liquor bottles for sale in Minnesota, we strive to meet all the demands of your business.

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