Clear 20-410 PET Boston Round Bottle - 2 fl oz - No Cap

2 fl oz (60ml) Clear PET Boston Round Bottle - 20-410 neck

Clear PET Square Bottle w/ 25% PCR Material – Tamper Evident IPEC Neck – 30.2 g

  • 25% POST CONSUMER RESIN: a sustainable choice
  • TWO SIZES: 12, 16 fl oz
  • TAMPER EVIDENT: guarantee freshness
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Introducing our eco-friendly 12 fl oz and 16 fl oz PET plastic bottle, made with 25% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. This innovative bottle helps reduce environmental waste while maintaining the highest quality standards. The tamper evident IPEC neck finish ensures product safety and freshness. Perfect for packaging your beverages, sauces, and dressings, this bottle is durable, lightweight and adaptable. Our bottles are manufactured with the highest industry standards using good manufacturing practices. All our products are produced in the USA.

Sailor Plastics packages caps and closures bundled with bottles in equal amounts. Our caps are sorted into small bags of 25 caps per bag and then placed on top of the bottles before sealing the case for shipping. Our cap options for our Square IPEC neck Bottles include a tamper evident band and a plug seal. IPEC caps are available in black, white, and red.

Fluid (fl oz) 12 16
*capacities above are approximations
Bottles / Case 200 150
Bottles / Pallet 3200 2400
*if cap is selected you will receive equal number of caps as bottles
Height 6.125 6.750
Width 2.125 2.312
Label Panel Max 4.000 H x 1.375 W 4.500 H x 1.500 W
*all measurements are displayed in inches

Product Compatibility Testing Note:

Sailor Plastic Bottles manufactures its packaging with the highest industry standards, using good manufacturing practices. We are not responsible for damaged product due to product incompatibility, volume irregularities, or other unforeseen packaging issues. It is highly recommended to conduct testing with our packaging; we offer free samples for product compatibility testing, request samples online today by using our sample request form.

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