Clear Wide Mouth Oval PET Honey Jar - 2 lb - No Cap

2 lb (22 fl oz) Clear PET Wide Mouth Oval Honey Jar - 63-400 neck

Clear PET Oval Honey Jar - 38-400 neck

  • EYE POPPING OVAL: highlight your honey
  • TWO SIZES: 1 LB or 2 LB
  • FLIP & POUR: flip caps in several colors
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The Clear PET Oval Honey Jars are designed to look like classic glass honey jars and provide a sturdy grip. The material, Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET, is clear, strong, and provides for a shatterproof container unlike glass jars. The oval bottles feature a 38-400 neck finish. A 38-400 neck finish consists of a single thread turn and allows for a wide variety of cap choices. The popular oval design features large label panels and come in two sizes of 1 LB and 2 LBS. (see below for sizing chart)

Sailor Plastics packages caps and closures bundled with bottles in equal amounts. Our cap options for our Oval Bottles are plentiful, choose from traditional flat caps or select our flip caps. Both options include a foam pressure sensitive liner to provide a proper seal for your honey or sauce and ribbed sidewalls for easy installation and removal. The flip caps have a 7.62 mm orifice for dispensing, need more space to pour? Utilize the full 38 mm neck opening with a flat cap. Flip caps are available in black, white, and yellow. Flat caps are available in black and white.

  OV-1J-38-400 OV-2J-38-400
Honey (OZ) 16 32
Honey (LBS) 1 2
Fluid (fl oz) 11.6 22
*capacities above are approximations
  OV-1J-38-400 OV-2J-38-400
Bottles / Case 225 115
Bottles / Pallet 3600 1840
*if cap is selected you will receive equal number of caps as bottles
  OV-1J-38-400 OV-2J-38-400
Height 5.5 6.94
Width 3 3.875
Label Height Max 3.5 4.5
Label Width Max (TOP) 2 2.75
Label Width Max (BOTTOM) 1.5 2.5
*all measurements are displayed in inches

Product Compatibility Testing Note:

Sailor Plastic Bottles manufactures its packaging with the highest industry standards, using good manufacturing practices. We are not responsible for damaged product due to product incompatibility, volume irregularities, or other unforeseen packaging issues. It is highly recommended to conduct testing with our packaging; we offer free samples for product compatibility testing, request samples online today by using our sample request form.

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