The clear nature of PET and its natural CO2 barrier properties make it one of the most widely used and recycled packaging resins. 

Recyclable & Sustainable 

PET has an excellent environmental profile making it a wonderful sustainable packaging choice. Used PET bottles can be recycled by washing, crushing, granulating, and reshaping. The material is also used in the production of strapping, carpets, fiber fillers, etc. PET does not contain toxic substances, as it is made of the same three elements (carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen) as paper, according to The Association of Plastic Recyclers


The PET bottles are about 10% lighter than an equivalent glass pack, reducing shipping costs by around 30%, and because the wall is thinner, shelf utilization increases by 25%. The reduced weight allows for less fuel to be used to transport the goods making PET bottles one of the best sustainable packaging choice. 

Safe Packaging

During production, storage, and transportation, PET bottles are tough and virtually unbreakable. Even if they fail, they will split, not shatter. Complies with Food Safety Standards set by the FDA. 

Design Flexibility  

PET material is useful for containers of varying shapes, sizes, neck finishes, designs, and colors. 

Good Barrier  

PET protects and maintains the integrity of products thanks to its low permeability to oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water. Moreover, PET has good chemical resistance. 

The recycling symbol for PET a sustainable packaging choice

The recycling symbol for PET a sustainable packaging choice

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