Darden Brands CEO Discusses the Future of Curbside Pick-up at Darden Brand Restaurants. 

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the future of the restaurant business has been a topic of great debate. Whether most companies would be able to meet demands of curbside patrons and if that service could be maintained after the return of normalcy has been at the forefront of the food industry. The CEO of Darden Brands, a company that brings us restaurant classics such as Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse, seems confident in his restaurants’ ability to maintain their thriving curbside business. 

Darden brands have gone to great lengths to create a quick, hassle-free experience for their curbside customers including such additions as adding parking spots near the kitchen so servers do not need to travel through the lobby. He says that their timing and order accuracy have been better with their new curbside model, and that with the integration of new technology like geo fencing, which would allow the restaurant to know when customers arrive, the curbside business could beat fast food chains. 

Lee’s confidence in his brands is refreshing and energizing. If you would like to read more please follow this link to the FSR magazine website!