Proper Receiving and Transporting of Plastic Bottles

Sailor Plastic Bottles has years of experience in the shipment and handling of plastics and we’re committed to ensure that your product arrives as you expect it to.

It is very important to handle plastic products properly during shipment and storage to ensure the plastic bottles arrive and remain undamaged. Many things can happen to packages during transport and storage, but with a few tips regarding our products in specific we can minimize damaged products. All PET & LDPE plastic bottles can shrink when exposed to different levels of heat over periods of time and become damaged. This can affect bottle dimensions, fill volumes, shape and even closure fit. It is very important to ensure bottle storage location is not too close to heaters, in direct sunlight, or in a room unusually high room temperatures.

Precautions to take

  • Inform receiving supervisors and employees of proper handling procedures for bottles & notify of when shipments will be arriving
  • If trailer was unloaded outside, or your online order was delivered outside move the boxes or pallets inside immediately, avoid leaving them in direct sunlight
  • If storing plastic bottles in a warehouse ensure to place in the coolest section, away from skylights, heaters, and windows preferably with controlled humidity
  • Schedule large deliveries to allow your receiving personal have adequate time to unload and place bottles into proper storage
  • Use a First-In, First-Out stock rotation; this will ensure high bottle quality, uniformity, and proper closure fit. 
  • Unload trailers immediately upon truck arrival (High heat levels over time will cause damage to bottles, see chart below)

Temperature Range

(Degrees Fahrenheit)

Approximate Length of Time

for damage to Occur

60 - 72

8 months

85 - 89

37 days

90 - 99

20 days

100 - 109

5 days

110 - 120

12 hours

120 +

> 1 hour


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