A thermoplastic derived from the monomer ethylene, low-density polyethylene plastic (LDPE) is one of the most basic thermoplastics.

Low-density polyethylene plastic, more commonly known as LDPE, is a thermoplastic produced from ethylene. The flexibility, durability, and transparency of this type of plastic make it an excellent choice for film applications. Cable and wire applications, as well as flexible bottles and lids, utilize this material.  

Branched Low Density Polyethylene Plastic in Microscopic Form

Branched Low Density Polyethylene Plastic in Microscopic Form

According to Britannica.com, The first grade of polyethylene was produced by Imperial Chemical Industries in 1933 using a high-pressure process and free radical polymerization. LDPE has a similar composition to high density polyethylene or HDPE, but more translucent. LDPE is also less rigid and chemically resistant than HDPE and makes for a more flexible plastic. The softer material LDPE makes it ideal for squeezing “Squeeze” bottles and flexible applications like plastic film and grocery bags. 

LDPE Symbol Resin Code 4

The common recycling code for Low Density Polyethylene Plastic is #4

In addition, LDPE plastic is frequently recycled from commercial sources, such as shrink-wrap manufacturers and agricultural operations. The practice of recycling plastic shopping bags constructed from Low Density Polyethylene plastic is common among grocery and drug stores. We highly encourage all our customers to provide recycling options in their shops or stores for their customers to properly dispose of their empty container.

3 Benefits of LDPE Plastic Bottles 

  1. A high degree of resistance to acids, bases and vegetable oils – GREAT FOR SAUCES & DRESSINGS 
  2. Toughness, flexibility and relative transparency – DOES NOT BREAK UPON FALL 
  3. Easily squeeze for quick-dispensing dressings on food – SQUEEZE TO DISPENSE 

Sailor Plastics Products Containing Low Density Polyethylene Plastic or LDPE 

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