Exploring Induction Seal Product Uses

In our previous post, we discussed the basics of induction sealing. This post-fill, post-cap sealing procedure can help seal in the freshness of your product and provide a tamper evident seal as well. Now, let’s explore what types of industries utilize the process of induction sealing and look at some of the induction seal product uses. 

Utilizing Induction Seals Product Uses Across A Wide Variety of Industries

Surprisingly enough, induction sealing can be used with a wide variety of products. Everything from medications to food and beverage items can be sealed using the induction seal process. Which specific products can be sealed this way? 

  • Food & Beverage Products

    The induction sealing process is great with food and beverages items because is provides a tamper evident seal while completely sealing in freshness.

    • Honey Products
    • BBQ and other sauces
    • Fruit Cups
    • Cold Pressed Coffee & Juices
  • Pharmaceuticals:

    • Many everyday pain medicines, vitamins, and other medications utilize induction seals.
  • Cosmetics:

    • Makeup and skincare products can be used with induction sealers
  • Craft items:

    • Paint, Ink, and clay can be sealed this way.

In general, a huge number of items are compatible with inductions sealing. So many, that it may be easier to ask what isn’t it compatible with? The convenience if induction sealing units and the variety of products that can be used with them makes them a great a candidate for at-home sealing.