How a Local Staple is Fighting the Pandemic: PUB 500

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, and the implementation of quarantine and stay-at-home orders, many restaurants have had to find new ways to adapt to the new restrictions placed on the food service industry effectively fighting the pandemic. While many chain and local restaurants began offering curbside-to-go options, others took steps to further adapt as well. One such local restaurant, located in Mankato, MN has found a great way to help boost revenue while it’s main seating area remains closed.

A Local Staple 

Pub 500, located in downtown Mankato, MN, has been a popular local venue for good food and drinks for 17 years. Tom Frederick, the owner of Pub 500, describes the restaurant and bar as a place to enjoy “hearty fare and liberating libations” as well as one everyone can enjoy and feel comfortable. Pub 500 is a popular downtown location which offers a wide selection of food and drinks, as well as live music and open-mic nights. It is a community-friendly venue and caters to groups of local college students as well as to families of all sizes.

Fighting a Pandemic 

When Minnesota declared shelter-in-place and closed restaurants, Tom Fredrick got together with his good friend and owner of Sailor Plastic Bottles, Lorin Krueger. Lorin stopped by to drop off a box of sample bottles and to have a drink with Tom before wishing him well.

Pub 500, like most other restaurants, began offering curbside-to-go options for its customers. While this service was fairly successful, Tom couldn’t help but notice that while he was losing revenue, grocery stores were selling out of product. After a few weeks of tripping over the box of bottle samples, Tom said “it dawned on me that we could sell some grocery type items here.” Tom is referring to the many popular wing sauces available at Pub 500.  Tom bottled some up and announced the new additions to Pub 500's social media.

The bottled wing sauces were a hit, and it wasn't long before Pub 500 began to offer bottled craft cocktail mixes as well! These extra additions to the curbside menu have been a huge hit, and Tom expects them to remain on the menu even as the dining restrictions put in place after the COVID-19 pandemic are lifted.

Preparing For A New Normal 

With the regulations on restaurants slowly being lifted, Pub 500 is one of many local eateries that is preparing for service post-pandemic. While the staff is excited to be able to greet their customers in house, they are also happy that they can continue to offer premium curbside service; bottled wing sauce and cocktail mixers included. "We plan to be a survivor" Tom said when asked about the future of Pub 500, and with the creativity, dedication, and excitement of the staff, it's easy to see why!

If you are near Mankato, MN and in need of delicious food and tasty drinks, be sure to stop by Pub 500 to have a relaxing meal. And don't forget the wing sauce!