UPDATE: 26 MAY 2020

We are experiencing a very high demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please plan early and order early to ensure you get your bottles by the time you must harvest. We are working hard to get raw material in and bottles out! Thank you for your understanding and your business,   Trevor H, E-Commerce Manager Sailor Plastic Bottles    

UPDATE: 18 MAY 2020

Sailor Plastics will be closed on Friday, May 22nd reopening Tuesday, May 26th. Sailor Plastics will be closing its Adrian, Minnesota manufacturing for a deep cleaning and plant maintenance, in order to better serve our highly valued employees and customers. Any orders for in stock items placed by 10 AM CST on Thursday, May 21st will be shipped on May 21st. Orders placed after this time will be shipped on the following week on May 26th. Sailor Plastics is extremely thankful for our employees, their families, and all of our customers for their fearless effort throughout the pandemic. Thank you for your understanding and your business,   Trevor H, E-Commerce Manager Sailor Plastic Bottles    


Sailor Plastic Bottles Customers,

Thank you for your continued support during this challenging time in our nation. Containing the COVID-19 Virus is all of our responsibilities until we find a cure. We also understand the importance of keeping supply chains working and commerce moving to the best of our ability. At this time, we do not currently expect a lapse in manufacturing, sales, or shipping of our products. All of our products are made in the USA with USA suppliers for our raw materials. Our factory is located in a part of Minnesota away from major population centers. At Sailor Plastic Bottles, we value our staff and customers, and want to assure you that every possible precaution is being taken during this time of uncertainty. We are dedicated to keeping our entire community and customers as protected as we can from the COVID-19 virus and we want to reassure that the manufacturing of our bottles is as safe as ever.  

Sailor Plastic Bottles Manufacturing Processes

We strictly follow our HACCP food safety program and procedures.

Our materials used in the production of the bottles have full traceability to the source.

Bottles drop directly into plastic lined boxes from the machines with minimum human handling.

Boxes are sealed with tape on all edges.

Inventory is stored in a secure warehouse.


To ensure that our family of workers and customers are safe, we are making sure to take extra precautions during this time including:

Added Machine Cleaning cycles (Buttons, internal parts, exterior parts, etc.)

Strict hand-washing and sanitizing rules for staff.

Hand sanitizing stations at each operator location.

Packing tools and other common surfaces sanitized regularly throughout the day.

Employees have been encouraged to stay home if they believe they are sick or show symptoms.

We are following all best practices set out by the CDC.

Limited facility access and access points.

  We strongly encourage our customers to visit the CDC or your state or county health officials website for up to date information on the virus and how you can protect yourself. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you might have using our online form. Lorin Krueger, President Sailor Plastic Bottles