The National Association of Convenience Stores predicted that healthier options would be one of the industry’s biggest trends for 2018 and 7-11 wasted no time not just proving them right, but aiming to blow away the competition. America’s largest convenience store chain has announced their new private label "7-Select GO!Smart" beverage which is not only organic, but each of the four varieties also promises to contain certified fair trade, Non-GMO Project verified, 100-percent fruit and vegetable juice, not from concentrate, with no additives and no added sugar.

They will offer all this in 14-ounce bottles for a $2.99 retail price. Flavors included at this time are:

  • Clean & Green (made with kale, cucumber, apple, spinach, mint, celery, lime, and parsley)
  • Tropical Glow (made with pineapple, orange, banana, apple, mango, passionfruit, and coconut water)
  • Berry & Bright (made with tart cherry, carrot, blackberry, pomegranate, bilberry, cranberry, and acai)
  • Restoration Red (tomato, tart cherry, beet, strawberry, apple, and lime

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