Sailor plastic

  1. Difference between HDPE and LDPE Plastic

    Although both materials are polyethylene, they do have different properties.  LDPE is softer, more flexible and melts at a lower temperature than HDPE.  LDPE is used in sandwich bags and other types of packaging.  HDPE is harder, has a higher chemical resistance and can withstand higher temperatures.  Grafix stocks HDPE , not LDPE, although LDPE can be purchased on a...
  2. PET Plastic bottle

    Stock and Custom PET Plastic bottles. Great for Juice, Water, Sauces, Popcorn and Honey. Prime labels to match each product and we can help you with your FDA nutrition label requirements. We will be featuring our Deli Pail Line of products great for salads, cookie and other catering products. Product packaging is our speciality let us help your product jump...
  3. PET Honey Jar

    Pet honey jar is made using high quality PET and other allied polymers. These are manufactured by implementing ISBM and other allied techniques. Properly quality checked on various parameters, these products are admired for application specific design and effective usage. These are widely used for the packaging of honey, juices and many other allied products. 
  4. Sailor Plastics

    Our bottle and package designs helps feature the contents and aids the retailer in promoting their products on the shelf, in their catalog or on their website.Our product is designed to maximize shelf space and master carton size to help reduce logistic costs of product that is shipped. Several designs utilize current trends in product packaging that enhance food safety...

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